August Burns Red Package

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Binge on more than 7 hours of Webinar Clinics with Jake Luhrs & Matt Greiner (August Burns Red), along with David Puckett (founder of Music Mentors Online & drummer of We Came As Romans) as they deconstruct Jake's Approach to Vocal Techniques, The Reality of Touring, Matt's Personal Drum Exercises, How to Get Your Band on Tour, Networking Yourself in the Music Industry, Booking Your Band's Shows & More! 


Each hour of these classes are taken from two live 3 day clinics that Jake & Matt did through Music Mentors Online. Each day has a different subject;


Jake Luhrs Series:

  • Day 1- All About Vocals;
    • Vocal Techniques, Warm Ups & Exercises
    • How to Maintain your Voice in Stressful Situations & Environments
    • Vocal Conditioning
    • Vocal Care: How to Avoid Injury & Keep Your Voice on Tour
    • Vocal Hacks: Tonics, Foods to Avoid, Hydration & More to Optimize Your Performance


  • Day 2- Vocals Extended & The Reality of Touring;
    • Jake's Pre-Show Warm Ups, Routines & Rituals 
    • August Burns Red's Pre-Show Routines & Rituals
    • Are You in a Band with the Right People?
    • Setting Your Band up for Success- Jake's Advice from 12 Years of Touring
    • Maintaining Your Band & Growing Your Band (Run it Like a Business)


  • Day 3- Developing Your Band
    • Finding Your Band's Identity
    • The Absolute Necessity of Proximity & Networking in the Music Industry
    • Building Your Band's Following & "Brand"
    • The Best Ways to Market Your Band


Matt Greiner Series:

  • Day 1- Double Bass & Blast Beats;
    • ​Matt's Personal Foot Exercises
    • Developing Both Feet as Leading Feet While Drumming
    • The Importance of Practice Time
    • Matt's Approach to Blast Beats & Warm Ups


  • Day 2- Fast Fills & Drum Composition;
    • ​​​​​​​Using Rudiments to Get Fast Fills
    • Breaking Down Rudiments & the Importance of Rudiments
    • Matt's Personal Approach to Writing Drum Parts for ABR
    • Writing & Developing the Right Parts for Your Songs
    • Challenging Yourself by Writing Parts You Can't Play


  • Day 3- Starting a Band;
    • ​​​​​​​Why Bands Network & How to Network Effectively
    • How to Book Your Own Shows & the Impact of Live Shows
    • Focusing on the Right Things: Balancing Product v. Audience
    • Getting on Tour: Patience & Hard Work
    • Staying Humble on Your Way to the Top


PLUS The August Burns Red Workbook: Interactive workbook created to help optimize your growth & goal setting throughout the course