Double Bass Bootcamp

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**Only Available Until Friday, August 24!!


This 3-Hour Intensive Video Course brings 6 of the sickest drummers in the Metal community together to dissect what they did to overcome every metal drummer's biggest struggle- double bass. 


In the course, they deconstruct their favorite exercises, warm ups, techniques & strategies to get faster, more powerful & more consistent feet! 



  • Alex Rudinger (Independent) 
  • Chris Turner (Oceans Ate Alaska)
  • Gabe Helguera (I Prevail / Drum Beats Online) 
  • Luke Holland (Independent) 
  • Jared Easterling (Fit For A King) 
  • Matt Greiner (August Burns Red) 



Part 1- 15 Minutes with Alex Rudinger

  • Single Stroke Warm Ups
  • Double Strokes with a Single Foot
  • Building Even Feet


Part 2- 1 Hour & 8 Minutes with Chris Turner

  • Developing Speed, Power, Endurance & Control
  • The Secret to Building Your Weaker Foot 
  • Chris’ Secrets to Optimal Feet


Part 3- 12 Minutes with Gabe Helguera

  • From Never Playing Double Bass to Mastering Technique in 3 Weeks
  • How to Optimize Your Practice Time
  • The Most Effective Exercises for Foot Control


Part 4- 7 Minutes with Luke Holland

  • Building Endurance 
  • Avoiding Fatigue & Cramps
  • Luke’s “Hybrid” Foot Technique
  • Double Stokes with a Single Foot
  • Luke’s View on “Correct Technique”


Part 5- 14 Minutes with Jared Easterling

  • Exercises to Develop Speed, Precision & Endurance
  • Setting Clear Goals
  • Using Ankle Weights to Build Speed, Endurance & Strength


Part 6- 1 Hour & 7 Minutes with Matt Greiner

  • Optimize Your Practice Time
  • Building Limb Independence
  • Matt’s Double Bass Warm Ups & Exercises 
  • **BONUS- Matt’s Approach to Blast Beats