Luke Holland Bundle

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Binge on more than 7 hours of Webinar Clinics with Luke Holland & David Puckett (founder of Music Mentors Online & drummer of We Came As Romans) as they deconstruct Luke's Approach to Drumming Techniques, Drum Composition, How to Build Speed & Endurance, How to Develop Limb Independence, Building Your Personal Brand as a Drummer, Growing a Following & More! 


Each hour of these classes are taken from two live 3 day clinics that Luke did through Music Mentors Online. Each day has a different subject;


Series #1:

  • Day 1 (1h06m)- Drum Techniques & Exercises;
    • Luke's Personal Drumming Techniques
    • How to Control Dynamics: Having Power Over Your Sticks
    • Luke's Favorite Exercises Broken Down
    • Disciplining & Practicing Yourself into Having a "Home Base" in Your Drumming Techniques


  • Day 2 (1h10m)- Drum Composition;
    • Luke's Personal Writing Process
    • The Secret to Writing Better: Maturity & Open-Mindedness
    • Building Your Unique Playing Style by Learning From Others
    • Knowing How to Write Drum Parts for Your Specific Audience


  • Day 3 (1h)- Developing Yourself as a Drummer;
    • How to Approach Endorsers the Right Way
    • How Luke Built His Presence on YouTube
    • Social Media: Using it to Your Advantage & Dealing With Feedback
    • Luke's Personal Musical Story: Bringing a Unique Sound to the Table
    • The Importance of Developing Yourself as a Drummer & Continuing to Grow


Series #2:

  • Day 1 (1h07m)- Drum Techniques & Dynamics;
    • Drumming Techniques & Exercises
    • Luke's Approach to Building Speed, Precision, Endurance & Strength in Your Drumming
    • Breaking Down Luke's Favorite Drum Exercises & Working on Precision
    • The Importance of Drumming Dynamics in Your Growth


  • Day 2 (1h05m)- Breaking Down Linear Fills, Polyrhythms & Limb Independence;
    • Drum Composition Continued
    • The Best Ways to Develop Your Limb Independence
    • Luke's Approach to Constructing Linear Fills, Applying Linear Fills & Developing Muscle Memory
    • Breaking Down Polyrhythms: What Are They & How to Use Them
    • The Ergonomics of Your Set Up: Setting Your Kit Up in the Most Efficient Way Possible


  • Day 3 (1h16m)- Standing Out in an Oversaturated Market;
    • Luke's Personal Musical Journey: Standing Out in an Industry Flooded by Content
    • Breaking Down What it Really Takes to Make it as a Professional Drummer
    • The Absolute Necessity of Developing Your Live Sound as a Drummer: Getting the Gig
    • Luke's Approach to Building Your Personal Brand & Following


PLUS The Luke Holland Workbook: Interactive workbook created to help optimize your growth & goal setting throughout the course