Matt Greiner + Luke Holland Webinar Series

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Binge on over 6 hours of lessons from Matt Greiner (drummer of August Burns Red), Luke Holland (Independent drummer, YouTube star & clinician) & David Puckett (founder of Music Mentors Online & drummer of We Came As Romans).


Each hour of these webinars are taken from a 3 day clinic that Matt and Luke each did through Music Mentors Online. Each day has a different subject; 

  • Matt Greiner, Day 1- Double Bass Exercises, Blast Beats & Developing Speed, Control & Precision


  • Matt Greiner, Day 2- Breaking Down Fast/Complex Fills, Different Fill Phrasings, Drum Composition & Writing the Right Parts for the Song 


  • Matt Greiner, Day 3- Starting a Band: Booking Shows, Networking in the Music Industry, Getting Your Band on Tour & How to Stay on Tour


  • Luke Holland, Day 1- Luke's Approach to Technique & Luke's Favorite Exercises


  • Luke Holland, Day 2- Drum Composition: How Luke Approaches Writing for Songs, Drum Covers & Drum Remixes


  • Luke Holland, Day 3- How to Develop Your Name & Career as a Drummer: Networking, Branding & Marketing


Matt, Luke & David go over TONS of subjects, including;

  • What exercises & routines helped Matt develop speed, power & consistency behind the kit.
  • Luke's Favorite Fills from his Remixes
  • How August Burns Red took matters into their own hands when no labels were interested.
  • How Luke Developed a Massive YouTube Audience
  • Matt's Approach to Learning Double Bass.
  • Matt's Favorite Double Bass Exercises & Techniques.
  • Luke's Approach to Linear Drumming
  • Matt's Approach on Blast Beats & Developing Speed with Hands.
  • Matt's Favorite Exercises, Warm Ups & Techniques.
  • Breaking Down Fast Fills.
  • Drum Composition & Writing the Right Parts.
  • Booking Shows for Your Band.
  • Networking in the Music Industry.
  • Getting Your Band on Tour.
  • + Many More!