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  • The Mastercamp is Built to be Every Band's Guide to Success in the Music Industry-
  • Made up of 3 of our most successful camps (Music Business & Band Strategy Camp, Touring Camp & Digital Marketing for Bands), this Mastercamp will guide bands through some of the most vital steps to making it in today’s rapidly growing industry.


  • This course is designed for your band to work through together- it ensures that all members are on the same page, share the same goals & have the same action plans/strategies in play to run your band like a well oiled machine. 


  • With more than 56 hours of Clinics from the biggest names in the music industry, these tried & true strategies used by the biggest bands in the industry are sure to get your band to the next level!


  • Each camp will allow bands to walk through essential key concepts, action steps and goal setting together as your band develops and grows from thinking like a local band to having the strategies, goals & clear steps that international touring bands have used to find their success.


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  • Course Outlines-

Music Business& Band Strategy Camp:


Days 1-7; Developing Your Band & Brand- You MUST Run Your Band Like as Business

Day 8; Review & Goal Setting

Days 9-17; Growing Your Band & Brand- The Keys to Success: Networking, Marketing, Building Your Team & Getting Prepared

Day 18; Review & Goal Setting

Day 19-28; Building Your Presence in the Music Industry- Getting Your Name to the Masses

Day 29; Review & Goal Setting


Touring Camp:


Days 1-6; Setting Yourselves up for Touring: Getting Connected to the Right People, How to take Matters into Your Own Hands, Touring Without the Support of a Label, The Financial Reality of Touring (What to expect & how to Budget(

Day 7; Review & Goal Setting

Days 8-13; Sustaining Yourself on Tour- Hacks to Cut Costs, Optimize Time & Perform at 100% Every Night

Day 14; Review & Goal Setting

Days 15-19; Touring Logistically & Financially Prepared- Setting Yourselves Up for Massive Success When You Start

Day 20; Review & Goal Setting


Digital Marketing Camp:


Day 1- 

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Why Facebook's Advertising Will Get Your Name to Hundreds of Thousands of People
  • Stealth Targeting- Finding Your Ideal Fan & Getting Your Music Directly to Them
  • An explanation of the Facebook "Audience Network"
  • Retargeting: What is it?
  • A Walkthrough of David Creating a real Ad for a We Came As Romans tour


Day 2-

  • What is a "Pixel Code," and do we need it? (no, but you'll want it!)
  • Generating & Embedding A Pixel Code 
  • Creating Custom Audiences (both With & Without a Pixel Code)
  • Creating Lookalike Audiences
  • Ad Walkthrough for a Live Participant 


Day 3-

  • Optimizing Your Ad: How to Not Waste Money & Get the Best Results
  • Looking at Trends & Learning to be Objective 
  • Looking at your Relevance Score (are Your Ads Going to the Right People?)
  • Tips on Raising your Relevance Score
  • Split Testing; 2 Different Approaches
  • The Do's & Dont's of Facebook Marketing 
  • Social Media Statistics
  • Digital Marketing Statistics 


Lifetime Updates- 

  • We have dozens of artists on our platform for webinar series, and our camps are updated accordingly- We will send you each updated version, completely free.
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20 Day Money Back Guarantee-

  • If you aren't completely satisfied within 20 days, send us your Workbook Entries(included in purchase), and we will send you a FULL refund! 


Featured Artists-


Jake Luhrs (August Burns Red)

Ryan Kirby (Fit For A King)

Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire)

Joshua Moore (We Came As Romans)

Caleb Shomo (Beartooth)

Levi Benton (Miss May I)

Ariel Bloomer (Icon For Hire)

Cody Quistad (Wage War)

Jerome Flood (Jerome Flood II)

Jared Easterling (Fit For A King)

Matt Greiner (August Burns Red)

Connor Denis (Beartooth)

Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills)

Josh Manuel (Issues)

Taylor Lumley & Kam Bradbury (Beartooth)

Ryan Seaman (I Don't Know How But They Found Us)

David Puckett (We Came As Romans)

+ More!