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In loving memory of Kyle Pavone, and in complete support of the Kyle Pavone Foundation. All proceeds from this series will be given, in full, to the Kyle Pavone Foundation, which is a foundation committed to providing touring musicians & other artists with the practical emotional & mental support they need. Touring can be a monster, and often times depression will weigh heavily on these artists who have no support system or means of getting connected to a counselor. The Kyle Pavone Foundation exists to combat that depression & loneliness by connecting artists with a licensed counselor, and taking care of the payments in full so the artists can focus on what matters. 


Binge on more than 9 hours of Webinar Clinics with Joshua Moore, Dave Stephens & David Puckett (We Came As Romans) as they deconstruct Josh's Approach to Songwriting, The Reality of Touring, David's Personal Drum Techniques, Dave's Vocal Exercises & Pre-Show Routines, Networking, Getting Your Band on Tour, David's Secrets to Optimizing Practice Time & More!


Each hour of these classes are taken from three live 3 day clinics that Josh, David & Dave did through Music Mentors Online. Each day has a different subject;


Joshua Moore Series:

  • Day 1- All About Songwriting;
    • Josh's Personal Writing Process
    • How to Deal With Writing New Music: Maintaining Your Fanbase & Growing Your Fanbase
    • Josh's Approach to Piecing Together Song Structures
    • Understanding What Makes Up a Great Band
    • Breaking Down Good Songs v. Good Parts


  • Day 2- Setting Your Band Up for Success;
    • What it Means to Develop Your Band Successfully
    • The Importance of Dedicating Time to Practice and Growth
    • Focusing on the Right Things: Investing in Every Part of Your Band as You Grow
    • Breaking Down Networking: Understanding Your Role in Every Relationship You Build
    • Josh's 2 Rules for Networking in the Music Industry


  • Day 3- Touring Logistically & Financially Prepared;
    • Longevity in Your Band: Reigniting Your Passion on a Daily Basis
    • The Two Most Vital Aspects of Being in a Successful Band: Emotional Attachment & Business Mindsets
    • How to Be Financially Intelligent as Your Band Moves Forward
    • Breaking Down the Necessary Mindset to Make it in the World of Touring


Dave Stephens Series:

  • Day 1- Vocal Exercises & Sustainment;
    • Dave's Personal Vocal Warm Ups & Exercises
    • Pre-Show Routines: Headspace & Warming Up
    • What it Really Takes to Sustain Your Voice Under the Pressure of Tour
    • The Importance of Knowing Your Voice: Protecting Your Vocals from Lifelong Damage
    • Stretching Your Lungs Through Physical Exercise & Staying Hydrated


  • Day 2- All About Touring Finances;
    • How to Make Sure You're in a Band With the Right People
    • The Financial Reality of Being in a Band & Touring: Dealing with the Unpredictability of DIY Touring
    • Adjusting Your Budgets According to Your Band's Success
    • Making Sure You're Prepared for a Tour: Expenses & Back up Funds


  • Day 3- Budgeting, Settling Out & Deal Memos;
    • Budgeting for Your Band's Tour
    • A Live Walkthrough of a Mock Pre-Tour Budget Spreadsheet
    • Breaking Down the Finances of a Real Tour
    • What it Means to Settle Out
    • How to Approach Deal Memos in Touring


David Puckett Series:

  • Day 1- Drum Techniques & Bio-hacking Your Practice Time;
    • David's Personal Drumming Techniques & Exercises
    • The Neuroscience of Muscle Memory & How to Use it to Your Advantage
    • Bio-Hacking & Optimizing Your Practice Time
    • David's Pre-Show Routines & Necessities


  • Day 2- Developing Your Drum Techniques & Abilities;
    • Rudiment Application: A 4 Part System to Turn Any Rudiment Into a Fill or Groove
    • How to Develop limb Independence in Your Playing
    • The Importance of Developing Your Own Unique Playing Style
    • The Ergonomics of Performance


  • Day 3- Building Your Name & Presence in the Music Industry;
    • ​​​​​​​Making Yourself Indispensable as a Musician
    • The Importance of Proximity & Intentionality in Your Scene
    • Building Your Name & Investing in Your Relationships
    • What it Really Means to Network: Why & How You Need to Start Networking the Right Way, Right Now


PLUS The We Came As Romans Workbook: Interactive workbook created to help optimize your growth & goal setting throughout the course